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Ramblings of a Sievehead

May. 6th, 2008 02:25 pm Finished, Freedom & FAIL

Well, it's been a busy couple of weeks, but my dissertation is finished and handed in and so is the poster. Technically I am therefore done, though I do have the VIVA Voce with the external examiner in abot a ornight oh the fun.

It has been nice chilling, but I think I am ready now to get back to doign stuff. I want some paid work no so it is off on the job hunt I go.

It is going to be made SLIGHTLY more difficult by the fact that I failed my driving practical. It was the first one, and I was really really nervous because I have never done one before - fear of the unknown and all that. I didn't do too badly all told however, I got 14 minors (you are allowed 15) and the ONE major, which was not looking around enough with the three point turn *roll*. Hopefully I will pass next time round and then I will have no more barriers to a job other than lack of experience.

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Apr. 19th, 2008 09:53 am

Well, it has been an interesting three weeks, there is no doubt about that.

Firstly, I went on a field trip up to the south lakes. The place, Castle Head Field Centre was in beatiful countryside and was set right by a cool upthrust of wooded rock in a utterly flat valley - most of it has been reclaimed from the Morcambe Bay sea/estuary. And of all the fates, we were staying less than 3 miles from my Uncle Michaels Dairy farm. Such a shame I didn't have the time to go visit. I love going around that farm. and it was Lambing season. Mind you, I am glad I didn't go too. Aunty Pam is a bit intimidating and always sounds so disapproving. I was muchly surprised how nice she was at t wedding, but that was later and I will get to it.

We drove up to Castle Head on the monday, spent a couple of hours learning how to use the equipment and then got to the centre. We were to do a geophysical assessment of the Lythe valley (net valley over to where the field centre was) using gravity, magnetics and electrical resistivity in two teams of six and seven (my team). The aim was to assess where to put a theoretical high pressure gas pipeline on a budget. We then sepent the next 3 days doing this. I spent the fist two days on the magnetometer, which was cool, lots of walking about and pacing off distances of 100m between the readings but otherwise it was ok. My legs were killing after my day's pacing though. all of my legs, and my shins wer killing me. We had a bit of a disagreement with our team (there were seven of us) on the second day, but that was smoothed out and sorted. It left me in a really bad mood for ages, but I did find a seriously cool pair of gate figureheads. A really cute dragon and gargoyle. The final full day I was on the gravimeter with Alanna and we got loads done before we were interrupted by Nigel and Peter coming and asking questions and throwing us of our rhythm.

In the evenings we analysed what data we had collected as there was a competition between the two teams and it would take less time on the final day, when we had to prepare our presentation, and to look at places that needed to be concentrated on. We did the final presentations on Friday Morning before we left.

The only problem we all hd with te field centre was that it catered to primary school aged kids. Not enough when you have ben working very hard all day in the field. Jamie was really good, he got us cake twice and bought us pasties (with our own money). We did complain and they did up the portion sze by the last day. How we feasted! god I was stuffed by the end. We had access to the bar in the evenings, and had a running tab. I had something every night, be it a cola or a G&T (I love G&T - you can hardly taste the alcoholic afterbite).

It was decided on the Thursday night that I was to do the presentation o the Magnetics section as I had done hte most of it. Unfortunately the data didn't tell us much so I said my piece and sat. I wasn't even asked any questions though I did chip in at one point mentioning that they dykes were proof that the land had been reclaimed. God how I regretted that comment later. Damian, bastard and idiot that he is really lashed into my in the staff longs while we were waiting for the other team to say their piece. I HATE it when people pull apart assessed coursework and eams after the fact, I don't see the point. it is over, there is nothing more you can do so why worry? anyway he lashed into me sayin that a dyke this shape /-\ can be made naturally. Yeah right. He was so vicious about it that I had to leave the room. I went straight outside and burst into tears. I couldn't stop sobbing for like twn minutes. OK I was probably a bit hormonal, but I haven't been verbally attacked like that since I was in secodary school and it broke my defences. Alanna and Becky found me after I have calmed down enough (etill hiccoughing but no tears - just) and making myself some tea. They set me off again, but were very supportive.

Went back into the laoung just before the other team came in from their grilling. we waitied about 10 minutes and then the 'panel' came in. Turns out that the other group ad had a serious floor in their analysis and we won the 'contract' and on top of that had gotten a mark of 75 *woot*

The net week I sepent busily working on my dissertation. went home wednesday and worked two hospital shifts at RPH. they were both Neuro wards but the work was OK. I wasn't half as tired as I thought I would be. Bobbed in on dad at grandmas on the way back on the friday, was told the plan for the saturday - the day of the wedding. Went home had a good 20 minutes nattering with Tyler and reading her books etc before going to bed.

On the day of the wedding I wooke at about 8.30, had a shower and went to town to get my hair done. it looked fabulous when it had been finished. raced home, changed into my suit, put on some makeup and hopped in the van. we went to grandma's, and set off up to the Great Hall at Mains. We passed the Glassworks on the way and they have some seriously cool stuff outside. glass baloons, a massive thing that lit up at night looking like a christmas tree decoration. So cool. We were the first to arrive at the great hall, had a dirink and nattered with the family as they turned up. The wedding was nice and Rachel looked stunning in her dress. she was trying so hard not to giggle but it was a very quick ceremony. Then there were all of the photos on the patio and thankfully it was really sunny, even if it was windy. the bridesmades and rachel must have been freezing. A moment of hmour was when Simon and the ushers (Rachels brothers) did the thing where they lift her in their arms. They nearly dropped her. while the photos were going round there was bucks fizz and very stylish hot canapes beign circulated. grandma nearly set the place alight by putting a serviatte over one of the abundant tea lights. then the tossing of the bouquet. I didn't get it.

Lunch was served shortly afterwards - celery apple and tomato soup, roast beef (pretty rare) with the usual veg and the most gorgeious apple/almond tarte with caramel sauce (lush) and a small bit of creme freshe and a strawberry to top it off. Ther were little baskets of mini eggs on the tables. Apparently they were supposed to be favours for the ladies, but everyone was eating them. then we nattere dwith te bride and stuff while we had drinks and stuff before the evening part of the wedding got started. I had a bnice natter with uncle Michael Rollason (the farmer), Uncle Michael Goodier didn't appear to have any tremors. looks like his medication was working and he looked so proud of Simon :D Glenys was her usual self, if a lttle less imperious. (I have two uncle michaels - one a farmer one with parkinsons).

I didn't hugely enjoy the eveni9ng part. I am not a party animal at the best of times. Janine had a great time - but she was a bit drunk. The first dance was nice though. they can really dance that pair and were having fun. trays of bacon and sausage butties were circulated at some point. As was the cake - one tier of traditional ruit, one of sponge and one (absoloutely delish) of chocolate sponge. We left at around 12.30 and I got to bed at abotu 2am.

I had lunch with dad to celebrate his birthday with Annie, Grndma, Janine and Tyler. I wish they would stop going to the Phantom winger. the food there is crap. The Sherwood is SO much better! I had a chicken Korma. it wasn't too bad. had a thing for curry recently...

mum brough me back to Keele wednesday, and I have bee a busy little bee ever since. I have decided to try for the student of the year award. probably won't get it, but it is always worth a try! I have my last exam on tuesday and must get my dissertation in in 2 weeks. then ther is the fun of the driving practical. fun, fun, fun!

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Mar. 22nd, 2008 09:43 pm Balls and falls.

Had some serious headacheage last friday - we did the Reservoir modelling course (a five day course to most in industry)in one day. I hate that MGeoscience lab - it gets really really warm and the projector is waaaay too bright and flickery.

Saturday I went to the AU Ball. It was OK. I at least had a reasnable time. But I was relatively sober most of the time. So HOW THE HELL I ended up on the floor again I have no IDEA....well I slipped I think instead of going over on the old ankle...but TWICE in a row is a bit much. This time thankfully the injury was light - a case of sore ribs and tiny grazes on my elbow. Not amused about it though. Also, if you ever get invitied smewhere where a cricketer called Ronney Irani is speaker DON'T GO!!!!! MOST. BORING. SPEACH. EVER. EVER I tell you!!! We even have the photographic proof (also known as one of the archers fast asleep - but that could also hae been the alki working). The meal was typical Keele Hall fare - the meat the veg, the weird mash-on-a-courgette-with-a-brocolli-florette-in-the-top. This time, oddly enough, there was also a very mini apple about the size of a cherry (roasted) served with it. Then we had a slight interval wen the fire alarm went off drunk girls pressed it looking for the bloody light switch! It was so cold out and it was raining. At least when this happened last year it was just cold. Desert was weird - A profiterole, Half a meringue and a strawberry spongue thingy. Edible but weird. The dancing was great and has to have been the best part of the night.
Got in about 2am. Had blisters the next morning from dancing :D

This week has ben decidedly boring. But I now have all f my thin sections. Bad side is I now have another 20 to analyse. I made a good start this evening. I will continue when the tech report due friay is done.

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Mar. 5th, 2008 09:25 pm Noisy neighbours tests et al...

Well the week has been a fairly interesting one. BUSA in York went reasonably well...but I still ended up in tears because the judge SERIOUSLY lacked any form of tact. I came out with 372 despite that however so was quite pleased. Also went to the Jorvik after and am now the proud owner of a drinking horn. Those things are so cool. I have wanted one for aaaaaages. Also came back with home made fudge and a necklace I probably shouldn't have bought. But it was pretty. And on sale.

Had a dammned good gym workout on monday and even my legs were feeling it. was in a good mood too and got loads of work done. Yesterday wasn't quite as productive but then again it was too...in different ways. Mainly because I was revising for my driving theory which I took this morning. Passed with flying colours and tret myself to a couple of nice smoothies. Did some reading for lectures and stuff and then had a micropalaeo lecture. so boring. Right now I am utterly knackered. I went to the gym but got really really tired part way through on account of being on my period and thus being ever so slightly anaemic. Decided to get an early night. Of course the lads downstairs decide that that is the PERFECT time to start a game of indoor basketball. you can hear the dammned dribbling and yelling ALL OVER the bloody block. I can't even ask them to shut it cos it isn't an unreasonable hour. That won't be until about 10.30 - or another hour. I really am regretting not being in a study block. The group in mfirst year were nowhere NEAR as noisy as this.

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Feb. 27th, 2008 09:43 am Busy busy busy.....

Okee. Sorry for lack of postage. Mad busy doesn’t come close (Unless you are Edith in which case I am a slug ;) ) Then again who wouldn’t be busy finishing a final draft of a lit review, analysing 20 odd thin sections of rock and taking very detailed notes. As well as convincing the techie guys that they really do want to make another 30 thin sections for me as well as coring al my samples with a drill and polishing the surface for magnetics analysis. And all of this on top of dental appointments and lectures and all of the minutiae of daily life (ie eating and sleeping and occasionally having a social life with the archery club) Also had to arrange to get to my mapping area and a place to stay for three nights. THAT was pricet - £35 for the train (return) and £100 for bed and breakfast with one packed lunch and lifts to and from the train station included. Of course it was a good weekend.

Last weekend I went to Liverpool/ the Wirral on a micropalaeontology field trip. Lots of mud and it was bloody freezing. Met up at about nineish thanks be, and spent about an hour or so on a mini bus. First stop was a road cutting/outcrop with the biggest dammned flame structure I have EVER seen:


Took detailed notes while trying to avoid being run over (busy stretch of road) and then spent 30 minutes in the sun waiting for the other half of the group to return – we were away for like…10-15 minutes ma. But then we had Nigel Cassidy and he is brilliant. Michael Montenari is too – but he is known to get over enthusiastic about his subject and over run (lectures can finish anything up to 20/30 minutes after the official finish time). After this we visited a small outcrop on a beach on the Dee estuary, pretty boring. Lots of conglomerate and other stuff to analyse. Stopped there for 30 minutes and took more ‘detailed’ notes. Final stop was further down the coast where the mud flats were :D We had lunch and then got thoroughly muddy taking samples for analysis. We will be doing that in our practicals this week. Last week was preparing the samples (ie washing them in a sieve to get rid of nasties and organic material). Thankfully this meant I missed nothing on Wednesday last week when I had to go into Hanley for some Moving and Handling ‘training’ That was seriously a joke. Half of the equipment had been swapped for smaller/stolen/broken and we spent a lot o time sitting around doing nothing. The trainer guy was pretty sullen too. At least we had an extra long lunch break and I spent a nice 30 minutes or so nattering to this guy who was running the smoothie bar – I think I had 3 of them in total that day. But it took me AN HOUR to go by bus from Keele to Hanley and I was late for the training as a result. It is ONLY 5 miles!!! EITHER WAY. Nothing too bad happened and I am back up to date with pretty much everything – the training was a case of “do it or lose your job, you are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out of date”. They COULD have mentioned that a LITTLE sooner. I just need to get my Hep B immunity tested and possibly get a booster or re start the immunisation process for the third time in a row – I keep forgetting to go and get the third and final shot. Go figure.

This weekend I went up to the Lake District to do some fieldwork for my dissertation. But not before managing to burn my belly with scalding water. It was red on the Thursday night after I did it (while melting the hand warmer thingy’s I have) and slightly blistered by morning. Went to my lecture did the work (had packed the night before) and headed off to the train station – by taxi – I don’t trust the busses around here any more. First legwas fairly boring, and I had a quick shop in sainsburies to grab some snacks and stuff for the journey and for lunch the next day. The second train was PACKED!!! Had to stand all the way to Preston ad even then I couldn’t get to my assigned seat – I had to take what I could get. Eventually got to Penrith station tho. Was picked up as arranged and he farm is really nice – right below the area I wanted to map/sample and while the room was a bit chilly it was nothing the little heater and my hoodies couldn’t banish. No internet unfortunately but they had FREEVIEW!!! :D I miss freeview when I am at uni. And got to watch CSI, CSI Miami and various other programmes while I unpacked and re packed my day sack for the morning. Nice little cake was waiting for me too so I had that with some tea (little brew station) and also a small bathroom with shower sink and loo. Altogether quite a nice place. I did a bit of work transferring notes and stuff I had brought with me to the computer while I was watching TV that evening. IN the morning I woke at 7, showered, dressed and went down for breakfast. Fairly dark dining room in the family area but serviceable enough. I had cereal toast proper decent cooked brekkie and juice and tea. Naturally I was totally stuffed after this but I worked it off. After brekkie, paced the thermos and other little bits I needed and headed off up the road. Bloody hell that hill is steep! 55 degrees in places. I walked about half a mile up to stone ends farm and started my climb up a alluvial fan/scree slope covered in grass and bracken. It wasn’t exactly pleasant – rain never is but it cleared up later. Went a fair wauy along the base of the cliff line and took my samples and notes etc…had lunch about 2ish. Spent bout 30 minutes there and it had finally stopped raining :D I only did about 3 outcrops after lunc before heading back to my room. That took over an hour because a) I was up /really/ high by that point. And b) climbing along a scree slope is no picknic, particularly when the rocks are wet and covered in moss/lichen/algae/bracken and you are packing about 20 kilos of rock samples that are liable to throw you off balance. I have NEVER loved my waterproof trousers more – and sliding down the bracken covered portions on your bum is great fun :D Unfortunately a few small tears mean that they died and I couldn’t wear them the next day L Luckily they weren’t needed. It was a lot dryer. I got back to the room about fourish and showered once more and changed. I must have needed to use about half a litre of moisturiser on my hands they were that dry!

I wandered off then to find the pub where I wasto have dinner with ipod and book in tow. It took about 30 minutes and is three villages/hamlets away. Nice place actually and very popular. I had a couple of drinks cola or G+T and for dinner I had grilled goats cheese with a bit of salad for a starter, Duck in a wonderful berry gravy with veg and a sorbet for dessert. Like I said in SPAM on the KT. Orgasmic. Unfortunately by the time I had finished and digested a little. It was pitch black and I had no torch!

Thank god for ipods and their lighty-up screens! I must admit it wasn’t as scarey as I thought it might be. It may not have been a properly lit road, but it wasn’t in a city either. Nothing happened anyway. And I got back to my room safely.

The Sunday was pretty much a repeat of the above except I didn’t go quite as high as the day before and finished work at about 2pm. I took a wander up to the head of the valley and id a bit of pebble bar combing. I can’t help it. Pretty rocks and me go well. They always have – I used to beach comb when I was little and living by the sea. It is probably what originally interested me in geology in the first place. Dinner tonight was pate with toast and Lamb shoulder with mint and rosemary. Dessert was home made cherry pie. My god it was good (if very expensive) went back to my room, packed bags and watched TV. The train trip was fairly uneventful back to keele. But I had a WONDERFUL surprise waiting for me. XD

I entered a competition before Christmas – an international competition for structural geology students and I just found out I won second place in the undergraduate division. I can’t believe it. I now Graham my tutor was bouncing off the walls :D I win $500 and the Uni gets liscences for this really cool industry standard software called 2D Move which is worth $250,000. I think I will be in the lecturers good books this week.

And that is me and my life for the last fornight. Now I need to convince the thin section techie guys that they really do want to make me another 20 odd thin sections and cores!

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Jan. 29th, 2008 09:09 pm The week at large.

Well, this week has been interesting. Woke up on the monday with what felt like the hangover from hell (only without the fun part beforehand) my neck was SO stiff. I think I had whiplash. Shoulder was still wrecking too. Had to go into the lab though for the informal assessment of the website. Crawled back into bed after that and stayed there!

Tuesday was better, had more movement in my neck. My shoulder though was still wrecking. I went to the doctor, he prescribed something to help.

Wednesday I had my first lecture - Micropalaeontology. It was very interesting and Michael Mntenari is a most amusing lecturer, particularly when he mis pronounces or spells things....such as the River Mersey being spelt Mercy (plot bunny alert!) Also discovered that I need not miss Archery on Thursdays (woohoo!).

Friday I had the Spatial Geoscience lecture. It went well. All of he computer stuff was dead easy. I caught the train home and that was fairly unevenful. Unfortunately, just as shoulder and neck were geting better, my tooth started to ache.

Saturday I had an early shift with Anne, spent the afternoon in town with mum bought painkillers for nasty painful tooth. Mum who bought me the most wonderful suit for my interview and I spent some time with nanny. Mum is much more stressed when she is around her. And nanny was pretty bad that day too. She is visibly worsening every time I go home and see her. It is realy a great shame. She was such a wonderful caring woman and now she is away with the fairies half of the time. Sunday I had a lazy morning reading and then had lunch with mum. Caught the train back to Keele (manic and packed with Man U supporers from Manchester Picadilly onwards), unpacked and prepared my stuff for the interview (up to and including getting my hair damp and adding the anti frizz gunk.)

Monday, got up ridiculously early, caught the train (which was late!) and then the connection that would take me to NorthwiCh. I had to delay the interview by 30 minutes but otherwise I think it went quite well. I really like the company, they are small but growing, offer the opportunity for travel and advancement. I would be in the lab, have office work and be out in the field so it is nice and varied. I really like the place. I WANT that job! Hell I don't even care about the pay.
I bough a few bits and things in the Tesco stoe next to the station before catching the train back to Stoke. My tooth, whichhad thankfullynot hurt at all dring the interview, got really painful on the way back. Had quite a disturbed night cos of the pain too.

Today I went first thing to the dentists, told him my suspicions, had them confirmed and booked an appointment for that afternoon, went for breakfast and then went off for my firstdriving lesson in months. It ewnt quite well. I only stalled a few times (usually forgetting the clutch when breaking). I did the dual carriageway for the first time, got up to fifth gear and 65 miles an hour for the first time. I also revere parked in a car park, first in an empty area and then between two cars (nervewracking!). Had some lunch, then went to get my tooth sorted. I HATE dentists drills!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't emphasise that enough. I was nearly crying by the end, definitely I was shakey. But I am ok now, had some dinner and am now chilling.

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Jan. 20th, 2008 07:11 pm Ow...

Well this week certainly hasn't been quiet!

I got my coursework in on the deadline (early actually) though the last section was a little bit rushedand I missed out a few bits. I should still pass the module though so I don't particularly care.

I have also gotten a job interview with Ichron. It will be a week monday and is for a chemostratigrapher job. I can't wait but am also a bit nervous. Never had a proper formal interview before! Hopefully it will go well...

Yesterday I had a lazy day, did very little and read a lot (ie more than half a chapter at a time) of non textbook stuff for the first time in weeks. it was nice.

Today however was an utter bust! I got up late - about tenish, and had something to eat and a cup of tea, then went for a shower. While I was in the shower I passed out and came to on the floor, my face sore in three places and my back sore from a pulled muscle. Needless to say it scared the hell out of me. I went to A+E and spent all day there. I still feel a bit off now, but that is probably on account of the stiff/sore neck and painful muscle in my back. I think it will be an early night tonight. The doctor ran a full bunch of tests but they didn't find anything that could explain it. I seriously hope it desn't happen again....ever. In anycase, I will be keping a journa of when I get the funny turns that I have had before and preceded the passing out bit. never collapsed before.

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Jan. 14th, 2008 07:31 pm

Well the last few days have been interesting to say the least!

I have not been getting to sleep until about something like 3am every day, but the first few times I did that I was doing work for the lit synthesis thing so it was alright...I really don't properly wake up utill about mid day, and only then if it is sunny and bright.

I have a cold again *roll* couldn't workout properly at the gym. I will try again tomorrow.

The Literature synthesis is going reasonably well. I just need to do the Making stone implements, Optical mineralogy and X-ray fluorescence sections. Plus add a few case studies (with pretty pictures.)

I had a good time on Sunday, met up with all of the archery peeps and had a good natter. It was good to see them all, though there is a LOT of politics at the mo. One of my friends Esther wants to run for the club captain position. She is currently social secretary and does a fairly good job. She is also a people person, but, and it is a BIG but, she doesn't shoot. The other candidate is Currently the women's team captain, shoots regularly and is dating the clu captain (and therefore knows how the club is being run). I am also friends with her and Stu - said club captain. It has put me in a bit of an awkward position as Esther expects me to back her on account of long term friendship and Stu expects me to support Daria on account of her skill with a bow. I don't know who to choose.

I also managed to shorten my left ring finger by a couple of millimetres on Sunday chopping apples for a Tart Tatin (it was lush by the way). I actually felt in the mood to do some proper cooking for once rather than the stick-it-in-the-microwave-and-nuke-the-hell-out-of-it

Today did not start well. I had a late night,watching Grey's anatomy rather than working and then got a load of bank statements in the post. Not pretty. Then I spent the morning doing a bit more work on the lit review and again got distracted watching the last three discs of Grey's anatomy (skipping the boring bits) and sobbing my heart out as I always do when I watch those episodes. That gave me a headache. Then I checked my emails - the upshot of which is that I have a job interview in Northwich on the 28th of this month XD ...now I am worrying about what to wear, what to take and what to read in preparation. Then phoned the parental units to give them the good news. They wished me luck but dad had the sad news that one of his old friends had passed away from lung cancer over the weekend.

So, an odd few days.


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Jan. 9th, 2008 02:38 pm Exam Stress

Well, in the past two days I have had enough stress to sink a battle ship (and then some) but now I have no more exams until May, and only one then at that :D the Monday exam was very stressful. I did moderately well - totally screwed up the essay question but the rest went ok. Today's Exam however...

I was bricking it with worry as I really don't have a good grasp on Java programming theory so have spent the last day and a half revising (finished reading through Java for Thickwits yesterday - to still be left pretty clueless) and then went through my class notes and work through what I thought was last year's exam paper this morning.

Got to the exam and was still bricking it. It was raining and miserable and seriously not conducive to calm. Got to the exam desk and saw the first question. I swear my jaw dropped to the floor. Grabbing the paper and looking more closely I was amazed to find that the paper in front of me was WORD FOR WORD identical to the one I had been working on this morning. Needless to say I think I will pass this one. I must have written at least 2 pages for each question and still got out in just over an hour.

Got back to my room in order to check the dates on my 'past' exam paper - turns out it was the 2006 paper . I LOVE when that happens :D

*EDIT* I really should spell check before posting!

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Jan. 4th, 2008 06:23 pm I am home!

Well I call it home anyway. Mum would probably get all offended, not that she isn't already for my asking her to let me have some quiet while I did some revision. I mean, I know mum loves me and all, but she doesn't get subtle hints. I have to tell her straight mum can you be quiet and then she gets all huffy and offended. I just can't win with her. But she has been like that a lot recently. She is all doom and gloom too - everything she is telling me is bad news or something she has told me at least twice before. I don't LIKE hearing bad news...try and avoid it like hell as a matter of fact so I needless to say found this christmas holiday less than a holiday. It was downright stressful and I am relieved to be back at Keele.

On the other hand, traveling home was fairly relaxing. I got a bus to town, dragged my very heavy bags to the train station and caught the first train to Manchester (the Buxton train as luck would have it pulled in within 10 minutes.) literally got off that train at manchester pic and onto the Stoke train. Got off there and caught a taxi to uni. Took less than 3 hours which has to be a record.

Anyway I got back to my room, dumped my bags, went off to the Union to check for post, it was closed so I ended up in 'Stones and spent £70 on books...BAD Amy!!!! Only one of them was relevant to a course I am studying next semester, the rest were either fiction, stuff on myths and the Paul Mackena hypnosis book - get yourself thin. Hell, at this point it can't hurt to try.

Picked up my mail - the usual stuff plus an interlibrary loan I could have done with last semester. Also ot the package that was waiting for me at the union - more books and a wonderful poster by Lady Yates of Earthsong fame. The other item was a blank (no lines) notebook with the air drawing as its cover. Now I must unpack and start revising for mondays exam. Joys.

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